Meet Jeanfrancois Arcand, creator of Atmosphere Framework

Meet Jeanfrancois Arcand, creator of Atmosphere Framework

GameDuell’s upcoming Tech Talk will take place on January 21 at 19:00 CET (admittance at 18:30 CET) in the GameDuell HQ at Taubenstraße 24-25 in Berlin-Mitte.

This time we’ll host Jeanfrancois Arcand. The title of our first Tech Talk of 2013 is “Atmosphere Framework: WebSockets for Everyone, Everywhere!“.

The Atmosphere Framework

We are pleased to welcome Jeanfrancois Arcand to the GameDuell Tech Talk. Jeanfrancois is a visionary and pioneer specialized in the development of modern, asynchronous web frameworks for client-server communication.

In his presentation, Jeanfrancois will provide insight into what WebSocket protocol and Atmosphere Framework are, and how these can be used to effectively solve problems.

The Atmosphere Framework, invented by Jeanfrancois, has already shown a tendency to be included in the current specification standards JSP 356 as one of the first and only implementations of its kind. Furthermore, one of the advantages of Atmosphere Framework is that it can be used with all major application servers, i.e. JBoss, Glassfish and Tomcat.

The agenda

The Atmosphere Framework allows the creation of portable Comet and WebSocket applications across browser and server. In this session Jeanfrancois will first introduce the new WebSocket technology and show how easy it is to write such application using the Atmosphere Framework.

Next he will introduce Atmosphere’s WebSocket clients Java and JavaScript. He will then demonstrate how WebSocket applications can be highly scaled using Redis’s data structure server. The session will conclude by deploying the WebSocket application into environments that don’t support the protocol and how Atmosphere can transparently emulate WebSocket support.

The speaker

Jeanfrancois is currently leading the Atmosphere Frawework at He is the creator of Atmosphere, a framework for building powerful websocket and comet application. He is also the author of the Grizzly Framework, the powerful NIO front end used by the GlassFish Application Server and the author if AHC, an asynchronous HTTP client library.

Jeanfrancois has also contributed to Tomcat, Apache Commons, etc.

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UPDATE: Recording of the TechTalk


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