First game app developed with DuellTool to be launched soon

First game app developed with DuellTool to be launched soon

In the beginning of 2016, GameDuell will release its first app worldwide that was completely coded with the DuellTool. The DuellTool is a modular cross-platform toolkit that the GameDuell team has developed to set up, build and run applications on any platform. It is built on Haxe, also an open source set of tools that includes a programming language, a cross-compiler, a complete cross-platform standard library and ways to access each platform’s native capabilities.

The developed game has already been successfully soft launched in Canada. In the future it will benefit from the toolkit’s most recent library ‘vectorx’ that we offer for download on Github. This new add-on allows the integration of vector graphic files in apps. The main advantage is a significant reduction of graphic file sizes and a higher visual quality.

We have also recently successfully experimented with adding AppleTV support in the DuellTool. This will give us the possibility of developing for this platform in the future.

Besides, we provided the DuellTool with an official logo. Its origami design reflects the possibilities of creating something complex and creative while maintaining usability through easy to learn methods – characteristics that describe the application-building process of the tool very well.

To download the DuellTool, visit our GitHub page and for a more detailed explanation of the toolkit, we recommend this previous article.

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