Introducing Graph Databases

Introducing Graph Databases

The main benefit of a graph database is spotting relationships and patterns between people, objects and things, which traditional relational databases are not able to reveal. Amongst various database systems currently on the market, graph databases such as Neo4j present a fundamentally different approach to handling and processing information. They offer a new set of possibilities to query data allowing very specific questions to be asked. The results are a different kind of valuable business insight. The most well known example for a graph is the so called social graph for Facebook. A graph database is able to reduce the complexity of personal relations between millions of users and deliver precious insights about them.


During his GameDuell TechTalk on November 6, 2014 Emil Eifrem, CEO and Founder of Neo Technology, will introduce the audience to the architecture and the technology of graph databases and highlight what their benefits are in comparison to more traditional relational databases. He will also demonstrate the power of the graph through several use cases from various industries. The TechTalk will take place at the GameDuell headquarters in Taubenstr. 24 - 25 in Berlin-Mitte and start at 19:00, doors open at 18:30. As always registration for the GameDuell TechTalk is free of charge via XING Events.

Introducing Graph DatabasesAbout the Speaker

Emil Eifrem is CEO of Neo Technology and co-founder of the Neo4j project. Before founding Neo, he was the CTO of Windh AB, where he headed the development of highly complex information architectures for Enterprise Content Management Systems. Committed to sustainable open source, he guides Neo along a balanced path between free availability and commercial reliability. Emil is a frequent conference speaker and author on NOSQL databases and regularly posts on Twitter.



18:30 – Doors open

19:00 – Presentation by Emil Eifrem incl. Q & A

20:15 – Get Together with drinks and snacks



Registration for the GameDuell TechTalk is available for free via XING Events.


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