Review of TechTalk with JSF Specification Lead Ed Burns

On November 18th we hosted our GameDuell TechTalk with Ed Burns of Oracle.

The renowned web expert has given an exclusive evening lecture about the new JavaServer Faces 2.2 specifications in our event lounge.

As specification lead for JSF he is directly involved in the definition of this important web standard that is used to build component-based user interfaces for web applications.

During the TechTalk, Ed Burns has delivered an inside perspective about the markup changes of JSF 2.2 and the HTML5 support. He has explained how JSF integrates with new push technologies such as Websockets and shown code examples for the use of Server Side Events, the resource library contracts and Facelets.

Around 100 participants followed his presentation. After the talk Ed Burns encouraged the audience to actively get involved with the specification committees and answered a range of questions around the usage of JSF. Here are some photographic impressions of the evening. The full video recording can be found here!

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